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Can the original halflife (on CD) run on a vista computer? Answered

I have just recently bought a dell inspiron 530 with an intel celeron processor that runs on windows vista home basic. Can I be able to run games like the original halflife (without downloading it from steam)? i mean, the game was meant for windows xp.?



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Yes, Vista is backwards compatible with XP (for the most part). If you're trying to run a game and it's giving you problems in Vista, you can try looking for patches online for your game, or running it in "compatibility mode". However, you should be fine with Half Life, I ran it at one point in the distant past on my computer with Vista 32 bit without problems. Sometimes when you are installing games, the installer will throw you a error along the lines of "This game was only tested on Windows XP 32 bit, are you sure you want to continue?" Just ignore it, you'll be fine. Also, Vista will look online and see if the software you'll installing has any issues with Vista, if it finds anything, it'll tell you about it and suggest a fix. Almost all of the time things go without a hitch, the only game I've had issues with was the original Far Cry (it didn't like Shader Model 3.0) but there was a fix online for it.