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Can this unit “Pioneer mvh-s219bt” drive two of this “Pioneer TS-R6951S 3 Way Coaxial Speakers” without any external amplifiers? Answered

I am trying to replace my factory head unit and two speakers system in my car, with the above system, i am poor so if this works then please dont suggest any other options or better company names, just tell me whether my new system works fine or do i need an amp to just power those two speakers? i am not planing to have woofers tweeters or any other speakers, only these two coaxial speakers on two front doors, will this work? thank you for the help :)


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1 year ago

No problem that I can see.
Just make sure you connect the speakers to correct output on the radio and it will be fine.


Reply 1 year ago

thank you
Also mean while i found this link also which confirmed that my cobination will work and also provided more options for me :)