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Can we Make Home made Clear Plastic Bottle? Answered

Hy, my name is Tika and I need help. I have a class that require me to make plastic bottle. I do not have any clue of what and how plastic made. I try to ask some shop, but they only do big order. What I want to ask: Can we make our own plastic using daily and environment save materials? I see some plastic making tutorial here.. but I need clear plastic (can see through). Any one know of what material it was made and how? any help, suggestion, alternative will be accepted. Please help.. Regards, Tika Bina Nusantara International University Jakarta, Indonesia?



9 years ago

I've made homemade plastics with cornstarch and oil that are semi translucent. I heard soy starch is more translucent(haven't tried it tho). I've soaked some of my cornstarch projects in water and they're still holding there own after months immersed in water.


10 years ago

Depends on what kind of bottle, how big, and what kind of plastic. You could glue up a cube (or other flat sided shape) from, say, acrylic plastic. You could get some clear epoxy and cast one (take an existing bottle, pour the resin in and roll the bottle around to deposit a coating over all the inside-you will have to keep it moving until it sets up). You could cast it with a full mold (inside and outside partial molds). With enough heat and force, you could use one of the vacuum formers on instructables. With just heat, you could bend plastic, and glue parts if you need a particular shape. If you are careful, you might be able to 'blow' a clear plastic bottle like blowing glass. Transparent plastics are picky. Organic plastics are the original plastics, look up the history of plastics-rayon is wood based, Bakelite was urea based if I'm remembering right.