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Can you able to connect two dial up connections in the same system? Answered




8 years ago

As has been said, you need to give more detail here.

The 'other' answer is that you can use use one PC and one phone line to connect to more than one ISPs (Internet service providers), but only one at a time.  You'd just set up additional dial-up network profiles on the PC and select the one you needed.

ada rokstarAndyGadget

Answer 8 years ago

Hey Guys!!!!!
Em having The Same Prob which is being asked in the Above Question..

The Main prob is i.e Can I have more than 2 dial up connection on a single pc to have double speed instead of one????

Em using 1 dial up connection using Bluetooth dongle.
nd Second is used by my nokia pc suite provided that I am using 2 different mobiles to connect with them...
1st mobile is for Bluetooth dial up connection nd 2nd one is for nokia pc suite connection.
Bt em getting speed from only 1 mobile which i connect LATER one....

Is there any solution or software to access both the dial up with same speed or constant speed.....

Em already Using Qbik Gateway 6.2.2..... Bt I think It is of no use, or Em not much Familiar with that....
So please Guide me... Please Help me...
Thankx in Advance...

Vygerada rokstar

Answer 8 years ago

This was possible with Windows 98 so I assume its still possible now. I set up a connection like this for someone a long time ago. At that time you needed a special modem and software. What was really cool about it was if one line dropped the other stayed connected while the first tried to reconnect. The guy I set it up for was doing online gaming and got booted from the game when his modem disconnected. With this set up he very rarely got cut off. He used this only until he was able to get DSL . The big thing is not only do you need the 2 modems but you also need 2 separate phone lines. Because of that its a pricey way to get a little more speed. And it doesn't improve ping times.


8 years ago

A single PC can have two modems, and theoretically can have a separate connection running on each.

This sort of thing is usually done when a PC is running software that acts as a firewalled bridge between two networks, or when you want to share the PC's dial-up connection out to another PC via LAN. In those cases, one or both of the connections will be a LAN card.

But most folks really can't do anything useful with this capability. So the answer is "Yes, but I don't think you want to."

(Note that if your PC is connected to your employer's network, connecting it to another network at the same time may be grounds for dismissal. Check your employer's rules!)

Nostalgic Guy

8 years ago

You are not too clear on what you exactly want to do & as a result there is no straight answer to your question.
If you are asking if it is possible to dial in two machines at the same time through a single telephone line then the answer is no, as soon as one machine connects the line is busy & unusable to another machine.
However it would be possible to share the internet connection from one machine to another.
Years ago when I still had dial up I did this so my kids could do homework & I could still work, in fact when I worked in technical support for a corporate networking company we had site offices with as many as 20 machines that did the same thing via a web server.
You would need a network card in each machine & either a crossover cable or a network hub but it is possible to do in the same way as any other home network that connects to the internet via another computer.
I would have to say though that it would be desperately slow by today’s standards & anything more than simple email would take an age to do; so if you are thinking of using it for Facebook you can forget about going through dozens of friends photos & as for downloading movies it would literally take you days to do.