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Can you build a pmdc motor that can pull a skateboard prety fast on 240W? Answered

I'm trying to build a pmdc motor (perminent magnet motor) based on this video:

But I want to make it in a much biger scale and instead of using a ceramic magnet I wan to use 2 big industrial neodymium magnets instead they will pull up to 200 pounds. I want this homemade built motor to pull a scooter like vehicle (skateboard if you will). It will be powerd by 2 12V 10A batteries wich doing the math should get me:
The coils will be made from 1.5mm thick copper wire. Based on what I've said do you think the motor could be powerful enough to pull this scooter with someone standing on it at about 20 to 25mph? can this be done?



3 years ago

There is a good reason why people don't use home made motors - at least not those "display models".
You also calculate battery power by the Ah not the A ;)
If you want your motor to be strong and reliable enough to do the job you pay more for the parts and machining that getting a cheap 500W scooter motor on Ebay ;)