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Can you change a USB Flash drive to a Firewire or even eSATA drive? Answered

Hey, I hav this 8GB flash drive that Im modding with a casing/LED/etc, but I was wondering if I could convert it to a faster connector, such as Firewire 800 or eSATA.
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8 years ago

Speed is not only a faster rate... It depends.
For Video and High Quality Audio, Firewire IS the way to go.

Professionals use Firewire. The fact that USB is more present has no relation to good results. Video's higher demands on the data transmission are well handled in Firewire. In High Quality audio, USB presents some small problems that Firewire intrinsicalli avoid. Latest audio USB DAC's (Digital to Analog converters) in top quality gear, have to reclock the signal to avoid timing errors, small but not tolerable to trained and discerning audiophiles.

UBS is very popular, but it doesn't handle those applications as well as Firewire. USB will transfer audio archives at a high speed, but only to move or store them. To REPRODUCE them properly is another matter. Firewire was made to handle those two areas better.

And USB 3.0 WILL NOT solve USB's errors, even when speed will be much higher.



10 years ago

You would need a different controller, so you might be as well just buying a solid-state SATA drive instead. L


10 years ago

I seriously doubt it. Yeah, with enough work you could put together something that would adapt the protocols -- but remember, the manufacturer is going to use circuitry Just Barely Fast Enough to keep up with USB2 (if that), in order to keep the costs down. If you want a faster device, you're going to need faster circuitry inside it as well. (It also isn't clear that FW800 is faster than USB2 in real-world use.)