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Can you charge a capacitor from the collapsing magnetic field of a coilgun? Answered

I was thinking about making a coilgun; not too powerful, only a small, compact (ish) version.
Problem is, the capacitor takes a while to charge.

What I was wondering is whether you return electricity from the collapsing magnetic field of the coil (after firing a shot) back to the capacitor, thus reducing charging time?

And another thing; does a coilgun produce a weak EMP or something when it fires?


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Yes.... but not enough to make much difference in recharge time.
The action of the coil gun was to move a mass much like a linear motor,
that energy will never come back.

Then the produced magnetic flux that escapes travels to infinity diminished by
the ( inverse square law ) altering the energy level in free space.
That little part of the field that did not heat objects or move ( magnetostriction )
them can be recaptured by a secondary coil as the field colapses.

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