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Can you cheat on contests? Answered

So I was browsing the contests and found an instructable that seemed kinda suspicious. The instructable itself was fine, but in the comments section I found about 8 users, all praising this "amazing", "genius" instructable, and when I checked the accounts, they were all made and favorited and commented on the post on the same day, and that was all of their activity. Oh yeah, the author also commented. I'm also guessing that they all voted as well. My question is, will this be overlooked, or will this author win possibly runner-up with their instructable for cheating? I hope that this will be noticed and will be thoroughly checked. Thanks,



Josehf Murchison

7 weeks ago

You can try but I don't think you can cheat successfully.
I have Featured Instructables that have won prizes.
I have Un-featured Instructables that have won prizes.
I have an Instructable with over 1,000,000 views in a contest and the one that won the grand prize in the same contest had under 200 views.
Sometimes you will see patterns but they come and go.


2 months ago

Votes don't technically have any bearing over the selection of finalists (see official rules linked on any contest page). Finalists are chosen by a team of site admins through a round of in-house judging, based on the judging criteria which is noted and outlined in the official contest rules. After finalists are announced, another round of the same type of judging takes place with site admins as well as regular site members. Hope that helps!


Reply 2 months ago

I'll private send it to you to protect the "innocent", thanks