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Can you help me identify this glassware? Answered

I found this glassware in my lab at work and I'm wondering what it's used for. It is a regular tube with a inlet and a outlet on the side. Any ideas?


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Elaina M
Elaina M

2 years ago

Hey - just asked my husband who studied chemical engineering. His guess is that this is a separation tube. A 2-phase liquid ( such as oil and water) would be place in the tube and allowed time to settle. Then, using either to the top or bottom outlet, you are able to draw off one of the materials without the other. Hope this helps :)


Reply 2 years ago

That is one misuse of it ;)
A seperation tube would have the outlet at the bottom and not sideways to allow for a full seperation without guesswork.
Although, with the right setup it can be used as a constant flow seperator, usually for stuff that bubbles a lot.

During my chemical years I used these tubes for a great conrol when mixing stuff.
Like a fine adjustment of PH levels.
In this case I would run the liquid through tubes so that this glass tube would not fill up completely during use.
While all is circulating I then add what I need from the top.

Another use would be during destillations when you have to seperate an evaporating gas that you prefer to recycle or neutralise instead of venting it.
Liquid from the destillation runs off while the gas can be taken from the top connector.

Either way there are only a few quite specialised uses for these tubes.
And if fully heat resistant then they are surprisingly expensive (excluding crap from china of course).