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Can you help me with my mini E.M.P. generator design? Answered

Hello everyone!

I am currently planning on bulding a handheld E.M.P. generator (it's dangerous, I know, sorry) that is capable of killing a small devices (e.g. a small camera) at close range (<10cm). I got to the capacitor bank and wondered if 180J is enough for my needs? I also have some other questions (in no particular order):
- What is the bare minimum to kill such devices?
- Does it normally take 90 secs to charge a 90uF bank to 2kV (using a DC boost converter)? I have never designed a high voltage charging circuit before so I don't really know if I'm doing things right.
- Is my capacitor configuration good enough or does it need tweaking (e.g. more voltage)?
- How do I protect my circuitry from getting blasted by the coil?
- Is a single pulse sufficient?
- What kind of switch should I use for high voltage?
- Should I use lithium-ion batteries for supplying power?
- Should I make the frame of the device out of metal?
- Should I be using a DC boost converter for charging capacitors? If not, suggestion?
- Should my coil have a little or a lot of inductance?

Again, I am fully aware this has "Darwin Award" written all over, sorry about that, but I think this is safer than guessing around.

Thank you for reading this! Looking forward to your responds!



3 years ago

Search for coil guns.

Don't load it, just press it to the device you want to kill, then pull the trigger.


3 years ago

2 kV is dangerous and deadly and you need special handling techniques, specialized equipment to protect you from electrocution and instruments that will be dangerous to use unless you have training. I can see from your text that what you are trying to build is way beyond your skill level and you should abandon that task.

PS. You cannot protect your own equipment from being destroyed too, with the first test. So if you build it, test it, you'll have to rebuild it, over and over and over.


3 years ago

Don't build it

It might hurt you and other people


3 years ago

We already had quite a lot of similar requests here with always the same answers.
In short: Not too many people here will help to build something that illegal, noone knows what you are really trying to do with it.
So IMHO Google is your best friend here.