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Can you mod Halo 1 or 2 on Xbox? Answered

like can you change the weapon skins n power and fine tune things such as the warthogs speed. and how??


JEBCraft Team

5 years ago

Well yes you can mod the speed of vehicles and other items such as weapons. You have to find the texture file for the weapons to change the skin. Same with the vehicles. To do all of this you need a PC and a modded xbox (I prefer softmod but hardmod is ok). One last thing is you need to FTP to your xbox. What you need is FlashFXP and a ethernet wire to plug in to your modded xbox. Then look up the tools to mod the data values (speed, firepower, POV, etc.) and if you can a texture swapper. Happy Modding :) It's good to have a new modder in the community

-The JEBCraft Team

MonsterrayJEBCraft Team

Answer 3 years ago

Could you be a little more specific on what programs you are talking about and posibly give links to them if you have them?