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Can you piggyback RF communications on cellular transmit/receive frequency bands ? Answered

My question is purely hypothetical and there is no immediate plans for any such application. But I was just curious is it possible to make use of the cellular frequency bands (as set out by a country's regulations and by the cellular providers) for some sort of covert type communication other than for voice, data or text types of cellular communications ? Would it be too difficult and complex to develop such an application that uses cellular radio frequencies or could it be done without too much concern for potential interference or the sharing of channels of nearby normal cellular transmissions ? Could such an application be developed without having to cross over many hurdles ? If this covert communications is possible would the cell frequencies used not reach the base stations of the wireless carriers as noise or can a peer to peer communications be possible by passing the base stations ?



3 years ago

If you are willing to pay a few thausand a week for the usage of those frequencies it is possible.
Otherwise simply stay out of it as it will only cause legal trouble on your end.
There is a reason why we have regulation on who and what can use certain frequencies ;)


Reply 3 years ago

Hello Downunder35m. Can you tell me other then the FCC who else governs and regulates these cellular frequency bands ? Would the wireless carriers also investigate complaints ?


Reply 3 years ago

It is not just the FCC but local authorities too.
I mean as long as you stay on short range of about 100m you should not get into trouble unless you definately interfere with registered communications.
But in the usual frequencie bands reserved for mobile phones you will get into trouble very quick.
Their equippment monitors the signal quality and makes required adjustments.
If they register stuff interfering with this equippment it can be a matter of days for permanent signals until someone knocks on your door.

You have a lot of frequencies available for private use, both for data and voice - use some of those that are legal and don't need registration.
Piggypacks of commercial frequencies are the way for you to loose a lot of money or depending on the country to end in jail.

For most free frequncies you can simply buy the epquippment you need or make your own circuits from freely available shematics.
And of course there is Arduino branch where you can use WiFi for example - with proper antennas you you do over a km with ease.