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Can you put flash games on an ipod touch?...? Answered

...or even play them online from the safari app? from what i've seen on the internet you can't, but I was really wondering if it could be done with a jailbroken ipod and if ipod 3rd party app developers are making an app to do such thing or would making such thing require a hardware change (not just a software change?)



Best Answer 10 years ago

I've been looking for this kind of information myself, and all the research I've found show that, for now, it's not possible to play flash games on an iPod Touch. Even with a jailbreak on, they just don't have Flash for the iPod Touch. I did read, however, that it may eventually happen in the future, but not for a while.

mark the ma3TrekCaptainUSA

Answer 10 years ago

the people at adobe made a flash app, but ol' steve decided to be an arse and prevent them from putting it on the app store, just so he could sell more 3rd gen iPod touches in september. it will happen this september (or stevie will become the next bill gates, and not in a good way)


9 years ago

yes you an with the app called clou browse you can play any game or watch any video its pretty cool