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Can you recommend easy publishing software? Answered

 Hi everybody, thanks for stopping by.

I want to do a catalogue-style help manual that is as good on the web as it is printed.

Can you recommend some software that is super-easy to use, please?
Also, I'm wondering if pdf would suit both formats, online as well as for the printer?
Does anyone have experience of this please?

Many thanks



7 years ago

ronyasoft poster designer
it makes very cool stuff very easily.
it has some models to start, or blank start. among the models you have magazine covers, western style wanted posters... then you have images which include signs, food...
it's very godd and esy to use.


7 years ago

Open Office will save work as a HTML file, and export it to a pdf file. Open Office is %100 free, but like all software it has a learning curve. You might want to check you tube for tutorials, for any software you are considering.


9 years ago

Microsoft Publisher can do nearly everything you need. Press it into a PDF to ensure the formatting remains and maximize compatibility.



9 years ago

I am assuming you do not want to use Microsoft office, you might want to check out Google Docs. Its free. They have a full office suite online and free templates.

And there is a free program called Sribus which is a lot like Adobe InDesign. Scribus is more complicated to use though.


9 years ago

If you just want a manual, a PDF sounds like an ideal choice. To produce PDFs, there are many PDF printers which act like a printer, but save the document instead.