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Can you solve this Riddle? Answered

I have presented this riddle to over a million people and no one has been able to solve it. I posted it in Offbeat and Free Stuff to win a free E-Book so, can you solve this riddle?

Riddle me this, riddle me that, the answer is there beneath your hat. When asking a heads or tails type question, when do the answers number greater than seven?

Good luck



Josehf Murchison

4 years ago

For those of you that say there are only two answers to a heads or tails type question, this next part is just for you.

Like flipping a coin there is heads and there is tails that is one and two.

Then there is the rare and improbable but not impossible occasion the coin lands on its edge. This can be argued as both, nether, and tie, making five answers.

However I asked for a heads or tails type question, not flipping a coin making both, nether, and tie more possible.

Then there is evading answering the question, making six.

Refusing to answer the question, making seven.

And on the rare occasion the answer and the truth has nothing to do with heads or tails.

There is the wrong answer making eight answers.

And the right answer making nine answers.

However that is not the answer to the riddle, I was just proving there were greater than seven answers to a heads or tails type question.


4 years ago

heads or tail raffle

  • Once the raffle has begun, your auctioneer will ask all Heads and
    Tails participants to stand up and put their hands on their head – or
    their tail
  • The auctioneer will then flip a coin and announce whether the coin came up heads or tails
  • Those with their hands on the “winning end” stay standing—the others sit down
  • The auctioneer will continue asking participants to decide what end to select and flip the coin to eliminate players
  • Once the number of players gets down to a handful, the auctioneer
    can ask the finalists to come to the stage for the last few coin tosses
  • The last player standing who’s selected the right “end” for the coin toss wins
Josehf Murchisonliquidhandwash

Answer 4 years ago

Tell me what happens on the highly improbable but not impossible flip of the coin, when the coin lands on its edge.

Some view it as both.

Some view it as nether.

Some view it as tie.

Josehf Murchisonsteveastrouk

Answer 4 years ago

No I didn’t I asked “When asking a heads or tails type question, when do the answers number greater than seven?”

Not flipping a coin.

A heads or tails type question has seven or more answers I gave you three or five depending on how you want to argue them.