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Can you still add lights and inputs on an audrino board with the motor shield attached? Answered

I'm new to the audrino board but it looks to be a great piece of kit. I still don't fully understand the benefits of the motor shield. Is if just higher voltage motors, can you still add lights and input on an audrino board with the motor shield attached?


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Best Answer 12 years ago

Shields dock to the top of the board and provide some sort of functionality. In the case of the motor shield, it will give an interface to h-bridges, servo and stepper motor controllers as well as headers for an external power source for the motors. Some shields are stackable, you can put yet another shield on top of it. However, it appears the motor shield uses most if not all of the available IO pins and is not stackable. To tell if shields can be used with more electronics, find out which pins they use. If a shield only uses 6 pins, all the other pins are available for any shields you plug into the top of that shield. For example, if I have a shield with a 6-bit DAC and a speaker interface for sound, I can plug a proto shield on top of that and use any of the pins except the 6 pins the DAC shield used.