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Can you take the lcd screen out of a CVS Disposable Digital Camera? Answered

And take out other parts and use it for projects or would it not be compatible with an Arduino setup or other? The camera is only $18.00 so the parts could come in handy. Do they take the camera back? Ive never used it.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Yes it is possible to use it with Arduino. First see if someone has already created a library for it. If not, take it apart and try to find a manufacturer model number, and find the data sheet on it. Then just retrofit a comparable arduino lcd library file to match the inputs and outputs of it.


10 years ago

Yes, they take the camera back when you turn it in to get your prints/photo-CD/whatever. Of course you could sacrifice the $20 and just buy it for parts. As to whether any of the parts are reusable... I think someone would need to sacrifice $20 to do the research.