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Can you use angle iron from a bed frame in projects? Answered

It's lightweight and easy to cut, but it is always painted.

Does that mean the entire piece of angle iron has to have the paint off, or just the area around the weld?

I've saved up about 10 pieces, so I need to know if they go to recycle.




Best Answer 2 years ago

What is light weight and easy to cut and always painted?

I recommend stripping all paint with a wire cup brush before welding on any metal.


Answer 2 years ago

It's ordinary, plentiful angle iron from bed and crib mattress frames ....

1' BedFrame.JPG3:4BedFrame.JPG

Answer 2 years ago

I use scrap bed frame angle iron fairly often.

Clean off the area you are welding with 2" all around.

Same thing for where you attach the ground clamp. Nice and clean.

The cleaner the metal. The stronger the circuit. The better the weld. :)

If you do a lot of angle iron. I recommend getting a cheap bandsaw with a good bi-metallic blade.

It will give you nice straight & flat cuts. Much better than an angle grinder can provide.

This means your joints can be tighter with fewer gaps. This means better welds w/ less effort.


5 months ago

I used bed angle to build a rail enclosure on a utility trailer and all I did was grind the paint at where the welds were going to be. I also used hog wire and chain link fence to fill the spaces. One tip on cutting the angle and others: get a cutting disc that fits a circular saw rather then the grinder as it is easy to cut square and last much longer. Also my welder is a wire fed 130 amp and it did great on the thickness of bed rail.