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Can you win more than one prize? Answered

I'm looking at the protected contest, and I see, "Multiple entries are accepted, but each entrant can only win one prize."
Does this mean, if I have 2 entries in this contest and win for both, I would only get one prize?
Or, can I only win for one entry?
Or, is it a simple typo and should read "Multiple entries are accepted, but each entry can only win one prize." ?



4 years ago

You can only win one prize in a contest. You can enter as many as you want but no matter how good they are you can only get one prize for THAT contest. You can enter the same instructable into 3 contests and it can win in each of the three so one instructable could win 3 different contests. But none of the other entries of yours would for those contests.


Answer 4 years ago

Thanks for the clearification.