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Can you wire a small (3") lcd screen directly to a pinhole/bullet cam???? Answered

ok, what i need is a small video camera with a small lcd screen, does not need to record or anything, just on/off... i can make what i need with a digi camera but the PCB is still too big, as it has tones of stuff i dont need, so, is there a way i can wire a small camera/ccd reciever to a small display?



10 years ago

If the display has inputs that match the output of the camera it will work fine. If it doesn't then you'll have to adapt something to make it work. And think about this, if you record your sisters hot friend changing cloths in a private situation when she thinks she is in private you are breaking federal law and will be criminally and civilly liable. Meaning she will own you. (And not in a good way)