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Can you zap a 19.2 V drill battery using a jumper cable from a car battery? Answered

can you use a 12V car battery to resurrect a dead 19.2Volt drill battery




9 years ago

I was going to try and put a load on my 18V cordless drill battery to run it down.  I was'nt  thinking very well.  No coffee.  And shorted it out.  This consistently bad battery is now running at least a minute instead of 10 seconds..  Interesting...


10 years ago

Well, first off it must be a NiCd battery, not NiMh. Then, the problem with the battery must be that is does not hold a charge for long. A common cause is "dendritic" fingers, which are like microscopic shorts in the cells. Applying a large current through the battery in brief pulses can melt these dendritic growths (think of them as very thin fibers). But for this to work, you need to open the battery, and apply these pulses to the individual cells within the battery. Applying 12V to a 19.2V battery won't accomplish the intended result.


10 years ago

Probably - in short bursts, and correct polarity - thats all the welder trick does, but thats at a few volts and a hundred amps... Car battery should do nicely.