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Candle Powered Shadow Projector Answered

Ever seen the movie "Sleepy Hollow" starring Johnny Depp?  There is a scene in the movie where a little boy lights a punched tin candle holder, the punches are shaped like cats, witches, scary trees, etc.  The heat from the candle makes the tin slowly spin.....casting scary shadow pictures all over the walls.  This is SO COOL, I have been looking for one for years on ebay, antique shops and such....cannot find one!  This would make a GREAT instructable!



7 years ago

If you have a way to plot out and punch the holes in the can, the spinning part is easy.

The prop probably did not have this on it, and was probably turned mechanically (motor) but if hung by a wire, or if the outer casing "rested" in a pin point in the center of the top, the outside could be turned with little effort. 

Small panels (3 sides of a 4 sided square) could be cut out (leaving one side attached) in the top.  The heat would turn the whole thing as it rose.  One would have to adjust the "bend" of the flaps to control the speed, the more steep the flap vertically, the slower it should turn.