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Cannot download PDF Answered

I am a Pro memberships. However, today, I cannot download PDF file from any project pages
The page was refresh and showed the same contents every time that I click download button.  
Please help. 




3 years ago

If I understand correctly, you are seeing the same thing in the PDF that you see on the web version of the instructable? If that is the case, the PDFs do not include any additional information than what is shown on the web version. Some of our users just prefer to have the PDF download for offline use. As well as the PDF downloads, the Pro Membership also limits the number of ads that you will see on our site and gives you access to our partner discounts.

If I misunderstood, can you please send information about the error you are seeing to service@instructables.com so a member of a support team can help you.

Troy aka tomatoskins

-Your friendly neighborhood Instructables staff