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Cannot get WiFly to associate/connect to 2WIRE Router. Answered

Have WiFly Shield, Uno, 0022, current libraries. 2WIRE router is set WEP-open DHCP: On. Am Using gateway.2WIRE.net and IP scanner to check connection.
Cannot get WiFly to associate/connect. I have the Roving WiFly GSX manual and tried dozens of configurations to no effect.
The only thing not working is the acceptance of the WEP encryption key. 2WIRE has a 10 ASCII key while Roving requires a 13 ASCIIt key

I get the following message:
Set security phrase to xxxxxxxxxx (my 10 digit code)
set wlan key xxxxxxxxxx

Bad len=10
ERR: Bad Args

Any way around this?


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9 years ago

YES! Change your WEP key! WEP shouldn't even be used anymore... it takes me less than a minute to crack a WEP key. Change it to WPA or WPA-2 (PSK). I wouldn't even be surprised if the program you are trying to use doesn't support WEP. (Never used the program you are talking about... but it just sounds like it doesn't like the WEP you are giving it.)