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Can't Do Squat Answered

my first problem is that it says i'm logged on only when I am On A Submit Your instructable Page And Post a New Topic Page. Other Than That, It says Sign in: not a member? join now! I Can't Do Pretty Much Anything Because I'm Apparently "not Logged on" my second problem is that i cant upload photos. i upload my photos and go to my library AND ITS EMPTY. My second Instructable Had To Have No Pics Because Of That Stupid Glitch!!!!


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12 years ago

Try doing a hard refresh on a page when you should be logged in but don't appear to be; sometimes if you've visited a page before, the browser caches it and then always shows that old version when you go back to it. I dunno if this is what's happening for you, but it's the first thing to check. Alternately, try clearing your browser cache. Regarding the photos, we're on the bug in the upload page and it should be fixed tonight. However you can also upload pics on the page when you are writing the instructable. As a temporary workaround, try that, as we have had no reports of problems there.