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Can't create Video instructable Answered

I'm trying to upload a video instructable as a 'preview' to my V2 instructable of something.

I enter a title, I enter a body text, I enter a youtube video URL, and I uploaded a thumbnail image, yet when i click save, whether or not the information fields are filled out ,  it says "There's been a problem updating your Instructable. Please refresh this page."

How to fix and upload this video intructable?



7 years ago

Im having the same problem, this doesnt work stumpchunkman.
You cant even go back to the edit screen without it glitching up again.


7 years ago

What youtube code are you putting into your video instructable? Also, what web browser are you using? Thanks!

On the Youtube video page. Underneath the video you're trying to put into your video instructable, there should be a button that says "Share" on it. When you click in, a link to the video will pop down underneath it. Next to the link, there will be another button that says "Embed". When you click that button, another text box will pop down again. This one with html code in it that starts with
Copy all of the code in that box and try putting that into your video instructable.