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Can't enter the april fools' contest -- why? Answered

Hey guys ... i have a problem
whenever i try to enter this contest with one of my instructables , it's like "Instructable not published in the april fools' contest , as it's not open for entries" the thing is that it's actually open for entries...as i read on the contest's page...so does anybody have any idea why it doesn't let me participate in the contest ?



9 years ago

Sounds like the error message is misleading.  In fact, you don't have any I'bles which are eligible.  The rules are pretty clear:

To enter the contest:

  1. Make a new Instructable that documents your prank with original text and photos and submit it to the site.
Notice the word "new."  You need to create an instructable, publish it now (i.e., after the opening date of the contest) and then enter it in the contest.