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Can't play the embedded video, how can I make it work? Answered

Ok, I've got this nice 'ible brewing for a contest and I see the little prompt "Got a video? Embed it!" Well it must be so deeply embedded that it won't work..First I uploaded a vid to Y'ube, then copied & pasted the URL into the popup to embed it. I get a thumbnail of it next to my other pics and when I click on it, there's no play arrow and all it does is make the pic enlarged. I'm using a laptop w/Windows 7 pro and Google. What's up? and thanks in advance.


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2 years ago

If you are previewing a draft of the project from edit mode it won't play. It will just be a static thumbnail.

To see your project as it will appear live on the site, go to your drafts folder and then simply click on the project to open it normal (non-edit) mode.

Does this solve it...?