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Can't publish my project to First Time contest, even though date range is okay Answered

I created a new instructable, my first time, on Sept 10:

I tried to enter the contest for "First Time Author":

However, but I get a pop-up message "You haven't published any eligible instructables yet." - and my only option is to create a new instructable. Which would not be my first time :) So although there are still seven days left in the contest, and I'm logged in, and my project was created within the date range - I can't enter the contest. Frustrating!

Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?


You can always enter a project into a contest after publishing it. Just go to the contest page and click "Enter." Then select your project. Also this contest is not just limited to a new author's first post. Any new author can enter as many projects as they want. The only requirement is that their first post had to be after the start of the contest. So feel free to create another project and enter that too.

Hey, it works now!. I swear I didn't do anything differently - before, when I tried to enter the contest, it told me I didn't have any eligible projects. Trying the same thing several hours later, after your comment, and it worked. Maybe the database needed time to index my new post :) Thanks for the reply!