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Can't "Add Comment" or "Reply" to any comments on any instructables Answered

I can't reply or add a comment on any instructable.  When I click on either the add comment, or reply link the window pops up as normal but than when I click post comment it acts like it works accept for nothing gets posted.

What I have tried:

Reloading the page.

Log out, log back in, attempt to comment, reload the page, still same result as above.

Clear cache, log out, log back in, attempt to comment, reload the page, still same result as above.

Log out, reset Safari 5.0.6, empty cache, quitting safari, start safari again, log in, still same result as above.

Log out, quit Safari, open Firefox 3.5.7(I've never used firefox to browse instructables before, at least not recently), log in, attempt to comment, reload page, still same result as above.

I am running Mac OSX  10.5.8 with Safari 5.0.6.  The issues started last night. I have not changed any internet / browser settings recently.  I hadn't done anything with my instructables account settings. I do notice that when I go to login that a popup login screen appears as opposed to just replacing the links in the upper right of the screen with the username and password fields. But I can still login and view my account. I'm stumped.

Oh, when I looked at my cookies there were 3-4 from instructables that showed an old expiration date of yesterday, and Nov 30.  I would  of course remove all cookies, reload page and they would be back with the same out of date expiration date. I've attached  a screenshot image of the cookies.

Have I just got put on some secret instructables comment black list? Just kidding... well hopefully.

Thanks for all your help, and your great website.  



8 years ago

You are correct. Posting comments is not working at all (apparently for everyone but me). I've confirmed the problem, figured out what's causing it (being a user on the website), and passed the information on to those in charge of coding. It should be fixed first thing this morning.


Reply 7 years ago

We've been putting out updates and fixes all day today. Please let me know if you continue to have problems and exactly where you're having them.



Reply 7 years ago

Thanks so much for diligently addressing the bugs, StumpChunkman!

I usually find a way around them but I realize that doesn't help identify the occasional problems.