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Can't remember the bios password Toshiba satellite laptop C75D-A7286 Answered

I have a Toshiba satellite laptop C75D-A7286 that i have forgot the bios password. I have tried the Esc and F2 start up as well as taking out the cmos battery to no avail. Any ideas ?


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3 years ago

When you removed the CMOS battery did you also have the main laptop battery and the charger disconnected? If not, you need to remove those also. Also how long did you have the battery removed for, I would suggest at least 2 whole minutes just to make sure any residual power in the capacitors dissipates.

If you've done the above and still have no joy you need to look for the BIOS reset jumper on the board. On Toshiba laptops it is typically located under the RAM module slots (so you'll need to remove the RAM) and is labelled as B500 and/or XXX. This is basically two solder points, bridge the two together then turn on the laptop, wait around 15 seconds then remove the screwdriver. If it doesn't work with the RAM removed you may need to install one of the RAM modules and repeat the process, remove the screwdriver from the solder points when the Toshiba logo appears.

Try the above at your own risk, I accept no responsibility or liability for your actions, if in doubt consult your Toshiba owner's manual or seek professional help from a certified Toshiba service center and/or support technician.