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Can't start or save instructable ? Answered

This same problem comes time after time, there's days that even if i try every hour to start a new instructable i get "oops something went wrong", message.

That same message comes sometimes if i try to save finished instructable.

Also more than 50 % of the comments that i write or answer, i get that same message.

I have tried with Chrome, Edge and Opera. There is now difference what browser is used.

Is that a global, local or just me with that issue?

It would be nice to get fix for it..



7 months ago

[insert random "me too!" meme here :-P ]

Not working for me, either. I managed to get started on a new project (I've sent an email to Instructables Support detailing how), but I can't save my work. Same "Oops!" error as above.

Oh, and just to be sure, I've cleared my cookies to try to get around this (took a few tries, some kept getting recreated), and even my cached images.

(also, while trying to add this reply, I got repeated "Oops, something went wrong!" errors, it took dozens of tries to get through).

Ashraf Minhaj

7 months ago

It happens to me too. It actually requires better internet connection as I guessed at first. It showed the message frequently, enough to freak me out.
As solution I think Internet speed is playing a role here. So check your internet speed and make sure your pc is not entirely busy at that time.

seamsterAshraf Minhaj

Reply 7 months ago

Thank you for this comment. It has been added to the reports passed to the site's engineers as they work to reproduce and address these issues that some users have been experiencing. Much appreciated!! : )


7 months ago

Thank you Tuomas, for the report. A handful of authors have reported similar issues, and the site's engineers are aware and working to fix these things. Thanks!

Sam (seamster)