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​Can't stay logged in on Chrome after opening link from email using Google+ Authentication Answered

Is there a real bug reporter/tech support forum/email? This seems to be going into the generic user forum.

I've been experiencing the following bug/glitch for a while now:

0) I have zero problems when I login manually and copy&past URLs into windows/tabs spawned from a fresh login in a fresh window

1) Click on link in Feed email using gMail's web interface in Chrome

2) Even thought I authenticate with Google+, I'm not logged in

3) I re-sign-in using Google+ and all seems well

4) Re-load page launched from email link, not logged in

5) Go back to Home Page, I'm logged in.

6) Go back to 'ible page, delete all the '?=tracking_informtion' off the end of the URL and refresh, not logged in. (This used to resolve the problem)

This wouldn't be so bad if the "Favorite" process behaved like most other sites and continued the interrupted process after signing in. Trying to favorite an 'ible results in:

A) Open the 'ible via an email link in gMail in Chrome

B) 'ible page shows me as NOT logged in.

C) Click on Favorite button, sent to Sign-In page, sign-in, Instructables home page loads.

D) If I am signed-in, clicking on the Favorite link on the 'ible page sends me to the home page. No option to sign-in, because I am, and the 'ible is not favorited



1 year ago

There isn't a formal bug reporting place currently, but we'll get this into the hands of the right person to investigate. Thank you for the report.


Reply 1 year ago

The formal bug reporting location needs to be added since the same questions keep being asked over and over. Unfortunately, the search function seems to pull results from 5+ years ago which are not relevant to the latest website roll out.


Reply 1 year ago

Ah - your initial post on this topic was investigated by our bug team, and one of them did reply: https://www.instructables.com/topics/Cant-stay-log...

They were unable to reproduce the issue you are seeing. If you have not already done so, please try clearing ALL browsing history and cache, and logging out and back in from a fresh browsing session. Once authenticated as logged in, new tabs should open the site in a logged in state.