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Can't stay logged in on Chrome after opening link from email Answered

I've been experiencing the following bug/glitch for a while now:

1) Click on link in Feed email using gMail's web interface in Chrome

2) Even thought I authenticate with Google+, I'm not logged in

3) No options to sign-in, etc. show

4) I have to refresh, and sometimes delete all the '?=tracking_informtion' off the end of the URL

5) Then I can sign-in/authenticate with Google+

6) I go back to the 'Ible -- and click on the Favorite button, I'm thrown back to the home page to sign-in.

7) Can't sign-in because Home Page recognizes me as signed in



2 years ago

I just re-purged cookies and the problem remains.

Is there a real Tech Support/Bug Reporter? Clicking the link for "Bugs" under "Contact" leads here, but this is not actually an Instructables Bug Reporter.


2 years ago

this sounds like some cookies or cache in your browser are all sorts of wonky.

i tried with my own google+ user in chrome desktop browser to reproduce the issue but could not.

in the chrome settings panel, there is a tool to "clear browsing data" located at this address in the browser


try clearing cookies and cached content and see if your login attempts are rectified