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Car Battery Charger for strobe light power source? Answered

We want to string a bunch of flashing lights along a building wall. We figure at most 30 lights on a run, evenly spaced along a 100 length. The wires will be one black and one red, starting at the power source. The lights are Seco-Larm SL-126, 12 V DC, 200mA each. Can we use a generic car battery charger to power these lights? Assuming the battery charger has enough amps for 30 lights? The lights will be turned on only for an hour or two, then off until the next event.

Is it as simple as a car battery charger? Something like a NAPA NBC 85525?


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10 years ago

Two things: A 12V charger puts out 14 V -ish, with no smoothing. Can the lights handle 14V OK ? 

Secondly: What'll  kill you is the voltage drop down that wire, unless you make it very heavy - the last ~1/3rd of the lamps are going to see some shocking ups/ downs in their supplies as the other lamps flash.