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Car Battery Powered Portable Audio Cooler? Answered

Ever since i've seen this portable audio cooler, ( www.addictronics.com/projects/stereo-cooler ), I've always wanted to make one. But unfortunately the person who posted the article never clearly had instructions posted on the blog. I've been looking around for a long time, and have not found other sites that have decent enough instructions to follow along.

It has to be able to be powered through a car battery, and the speakers will have to be directly powered through an amplifier or right through the car stereo.
I have the specific model of stereo in which i plan to use, and it had a 10 CD changer with it. But I want to use the Radio on its own, as well as somehow wire an RCA cable to it, for use with iPods or other mp3 players.

I believe the model is     [  KE-2303QR  SUPERTUNER  ]



9 years ago

Hello, Glad you liked my project. I'd love to be of help to you, What components do you already have? Let's start there.



9 years ago

Doesn't look terribly difficult to make. I wouldn't use a car battery though - this is  a job for Gel-cells. Where's your problem ? Cut holes, fit parts, close lid.