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Car Heater/ Warmer Answered

Hello I am Melwin from India

I want to create a Car Can/ bottle Warmer/ Heater.

My Basic Aim is to make hot water for preparing baby formula my baby when I travel with family in my car.
This way I can avoid multiple stops for getting hot water. The commercial versions are available in the Market for a minimum of 3000 Rupees. It is very rare to buy in India

My plan is to buy a 220 v 1000Watt Heating Element and cut it to suit to 12v

When i measured one test setup with such a coil I get around 1.5 Amps per coil. I didnt have a thermometer to test how hot it gets.
Since the car Cigarette Lighter supports 10A. I can easily Add 4-6 Coils of the same length in parallel. Also I can add switch to get different temperatures by adding up coil for each switch. 1-2 Coils = Warm. 3-6 coils = Heat.

I dont want it to be a huge cooker. It should be able to heat up a glass (200 ml ) of water till 50- 60 degrees C)

A higher version can have a Thermostat to cut off things as a safety feature.

If this setup succeeds in boiling up water then I can also have my favourite cup nooodles when on long trips with friends

I plan to make a small ceramic frame to mount the heating elemmet. On top I will place a Copper plate. Leaving some gap between the Plate and coil. This entire setup will sit in a Tin can of suitable diameter. I need to think about how i get the ceramic frame to Sit inside the can without touching the Metal.

To this Metal can i will attach a handle so that it can be handled when hot.

My next question. Where do I place it in my car safely.

Suggestions/ Concerns/ Comments please



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9 years ago

Electric heaters could never do it for my needs.
I would invest in a good thermos, keep it very hot & cut the temp with cool water when needed.