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Car speaker LED question Answered

hi guys, i have a 500w car speaker, and i want to attach an LED to it so it syncs with the treble and bass, and when i tried it blew out the led because i turned the music up to loud. so i was wondering what ohm resistor i should use, the forward voltage on the LED is 2.4v, and i want to be able to turn my music up loud and have it work. any help would be great!




10 years ago

You would probably want to fit a filter to this such that the LED only runs off particular frequencies. If you've got one - fit a potentiometer between the LED and the speaker - adjust the knob so that you're getting the right brightness, then disconnect and measure the resistance across the potentiometer with a multimeter (or don't and just leave it there)? L


Reply 10 years ago

thank you very much for your help, i didnt even think of that! i tried it and it worked like a charm


Reply 6 years ago

sry for waking it after so many days but are there particular values for POT.
Just like resisters do we have to look for pot from particular ranges.
i want to fit LED in my car but the spikes are way beyond they can handle so need to regulate it your suggetion will help for sure .