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Car stereo puts out much less power than speakers need? Answered

I'm fairly new to car audio. I just put in a Pioneer MVH-370BT headunit into my car, and while it is working great right now, it is evident that I'm going to need new speakers soon because the factory ones are not very good. I was looking at either the Kicker 40CS54 2-way speakers or the Kicker 41DSC54 2-way speakers because many people have recommended these speakers. The problem is on the website, the pioneer headunit only says it puts out 14 watts RMS power while the speakers say that they use up to 75 watt RMS. I'm trying to avoid getting an amp because I'm going to be putting the speakers in myself and i don't want to have to drill a hole through the firewall. So, my question is what will happen if I run the speakers with the 14 watt RMS receiver? Will it just not play very loud? Will the sound be very distorted if I try to play it loud? Is this bad for the speakers? Thanks!


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6 years ago

With quality speakers the power is no issue, we are talking car and not high perfomance home systems.

For my systems I actually prefer a head unit with only little power and add a 50 or 100W amp to it.

This way I can use the RCA output from the head unti and adjust the amp to the exact needs of the speakers, especially nice if you have an added subwoofer.

Having said that you might not reach the full loudness of the new speakers it it will be more than enough IMHO, plus you have very little chance to accidentially overpower and damage the speakers.