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Cardboard Template for arduino powered Arcade? Answered

I'm trying to find the 80's styled arcade plans for a cardboard project I had in mind it uses the retro 80's upright Arcade style you see with the screen upright, and I haven't find a single one only a mod to the icade for iPad. I'm thinking learning to code the Arudino to power up a couple of Atari's Classic games on it on my own mini cardboard arcade cabinet.

I also will need a template of it so I can create some arcade like artwork for it and display with ease and play on it with a removable joystick (for battleZone only) and replace it with the special two joysticks for battle zone classic.

if there's some plans for making a mini cardboard mini arcade from the 80's let me know so I can try coding the Ardiuno to play Atari's classics.



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It uses the iphone's arcade cabinet connector, I could get something from arcade paradise with the look I need if I could scale it down a bit - http://www.arcadeparadise.org/downloads.html - I could use the third one and scale it down to arduino based if I had the time to build a template for third style from this site.