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Carmen Miranda Hat Answered

I am attempting to be Carmen Miranda for Halloween, and there is surprisingly very little on the inter-webs on how to make a Carmen Miranda hat. 

I am thinking about trying to paper mache a base, something that resembles a witch hat, from which I can glue/wire fruit on it, and wrap a scarf around the base. But I am worried that this will be too flimsy and/or not stay on my head.

Can anyone think of a good base that I could potentially buy from a craft store, or Halloween store? I was thinking a Dunce hat, but I think that could be too high. 

Any feedback would be appreciated. 



PS. I am anti chin-strap.




8 years ago

My last inexpensive one-size-fits-most straw cowboy hat (a summer necessity) had wide elastic webbing sewn into the headband and stayed on without a chin strap. I got it at Sam Moon. If you can't find one pre-made, sewing one edge of a stretchy headband inside of a hat should work.

Idea 2: Add a stiff cardboard brim to an adjustable ball cap. If the back and sides are too floppy, add fishing line or dental floss guywires from edge of brim to top of cap.

And definitly go with the lightweight plastic & paper mache fruit.


8 years ago

Use plastic fruit, it will be a lot lighter.


Reply 8 years ago

Yeah, you'd end up looking like Lucy if you used waxed fruit LOL


8 years ago

Get a plastic flowerpot. The good ones flex a little and you can attach or add on a stiff brim or whatever you want to hang off of it.


Reply 8 years ago

Waiting for the ible on "Nachomomma's ordinary Carmen Miranda Hat"

Had a visual as soon as I read the title.