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Carnival Backpiece Costume with Portable Projector? Answered

Hi there Instructable-philes,

This is my first post (question) so please go gentle on me.  I would like to create a Carnival backpiece that is Television set Screen with a portable projector playing a loop of video.  So when people see my it looks as if I am coming out of a television set.  I know the technology is there, I am hoping someone in this fabulous forum could at least point me in the right direction regarding a How-to or something they noticed as similar to my idea.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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4 years ago

Ooooo, ooooo, you just need to make a giant one of these

https://www.instructables.com/id/TV-set-cutout/ You can have a flexible fabric projection back or front lit screen curtains you can come out or under from.

There are relatively inexpensive pico-projectors(small portable ones but are not really that bright but still have good resolution) to connect to a laptop running your video loop.

The other option is to have a preprinted background image and then just ring it with LEDs to backlight it, have an arduino go through the color changes like a recent adafruit tutorial on one of those fake-TV-lights-while-you-are-away simulators. Good luck.


Reply 4 years ago

Thanks CaitlinsDad...I will take a look at the pico projectors and hope that I can power the projector with my laptop. Also, the faux tv set I am hoping to recreate is a 1950's classic television set. It helps that I have a guide to create this tv set. Thanks again... :)