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Casio pocket Tv: Tv-1900B info/suggestions on uses? Answered

I just received a casio pocket television model: Tv -1900b, produced somewhere in the late 80-mid 90's(cannot find year) as a gift from my sister, purchased for 2.99 from goodwill, she bought it because I like vintage electronics, and thought it was useable as she was not aware of the difference between dtv and analog, and took the label heading that it received working channels for true, from my research it appears to be functioning but is receiving no signal due to the dtv transition.

this is my problem, I am trying to figure out ways around not having an available analog broadcast to pick up, and can not find much info for this tv model online, not even part labels manuals or specs, Im wondering what my options for use or connecting it to another device are..

There is what appears to be an extra headphone sized jack/connector at the top next to the speaker, and a headphone plug does fit into it... but the label for it is long gone, so I do not know if it is an external antenna connection, external composite video in port, external video out port, or a service port of some kind, as it is right next to the rod antenna  screw connection, what exactly is it, and can it be used for an external video/sound input connection?, I see that  on other models before and after this one it can be used as a video/audio input, when utilized with a rca to headphone adapter cord but that does not tell me for sure if mine has that ability.

What are my options with this?, I have some technologic know-how, but could not build my own signal transmitter, oscilloscope, built in jack, etc from scratch.

is this model capable of easy external connections?, is the extra hole for an antenna input, video input or both?, can a box, dvd or vcr be connected, also is wrapping wire around the antenna and then connecting to the coaxial output on an external device feasible? Iv seen it work on other pocket tv's on the internet but dont know about the true signal quality/effeniency

I would be able to make most physical external connection adapters myself, or, are adapters other then the headphone to rca adapters sold to remedy the problem of having a rod antenna and little to no external hook-ups?

p.s I am not opposed to having it constantly wired/tethered to a much larger device, as it would be used for a novelty or in a small area where a larger unit would be to big or unweildy, like next to a bed, spot at the table, etc, also I would probably not use it for cctv or similar as I have little to no use for such things

the picture included is not of my actual item, but the same model and version, for reference purposes

I appreciate any help, as it appears to be functioning it would be a shame to not find a use for .



5 years ago

The jack is likely a line in meant for a 3.5mm to coax adapter. You can use this to connect the TV to a composite video adapter which will allow you to plug other items in such as a DTV converter. Not really worth the trouble though.


Reply 5 years ago

thanks for the suggestion, as I said its more for novelty then actual ease of use, or in a situation where a smaller monitor would be better, I also undertsand now after more research that it is also possible to just go buy a cheap trasmitter(uhf typically) used for camera systems or shooting signals through walls, that will trasmit video and audio on a channel that the tv picks up, then using something like a cable or converter box and resulting remote I could watch multiple channels wirelessly, or use it with any device that can be connected to the transmitter