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NEW HGTV series in development is casting in your community! Answered

We are looking for homeowners with an eccentric, unconventional approach to home repairs.

Do you know someone who is more MacGyver than Mike Holmes? This person’s go to tool for home repair is more likely to be a roll of duct tape rather than a screw driver. Maybe they’ve used roofing shingles to tile the foyer? Not such a bad idea, considering those shingle have a 25 year guarantee! And why return your empties for a refund, when an old can converts into a new shower head? Now that’s worth more than five cents!

We are interested in hearing more about these “unique” approaches to home repairs. 

Who says you can’t use old crutches to hold up basement stairs. Your leg healed, so why not put those crutches to good use. Or install used linoleum on the kitchen walls for a back splash. Why waste good flooring!  Or use that trusty duct tape in place of caulking around the bathtub. By participating in this fun new series, our expert host will fix the creative handy work and renovate that part of the house for FREE. Who knows, maybe the not-so-handy person in your life will even learn a few things! 

We are casting throughout Ontario and would love to come to your community. Contact us today with your un-handy homeowner nomination!

To apply, send an email to casting@mountainroad.ca that includes:

1. The story behind the questionable home improvements
2. Photos of each of the eccentric repairs
3. A photo of you and a photo of the not-so-handy person you are nominating  
4. Your contact information


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