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Cat chip logger Answered

Could you modify the reader in a chip reading cat flap to log the details of the chips t hat pass through it rather than only let recognized chips open the flap? Chip reading cat flaps exist data logging is possible this I know, how to tie the two together is beyond me. Give me detailed instructions I could do it, but I'm more at home with working out how to wind the detector coil than what to do with it. The reason is this
My sister has a problem, she is in danger of becoming a cat lady, or at least over run with strays or other peoples cats. Her current plan other than catching the visitors that are clearly street cats and delivering them to the local shelter, is setting a camera trap aimed at her cat flap and posting the visitor photos on the local area FB page with is this your lost cat under it.
 couple of the poor conditioned strays she has managed to get to the shelter have been chipped it is  reasonable to assume that some of the others must be to, and they would be easier to catch possibly if their  owners were trying to do it.
Even a simpler system that just connected chipped cat with photo, and there by identified which cats aren't chipped so presumably are true strays not just nominally owned would b of help those could then be targeted for capture and re homing first.



3 years ago

All you get from those chips is a number.
This number needs to be looked up in a database you have no access to unless you work for council or a vet.
There are cat flaps out there that claim to read a provided chip tag so only the set cat can go in/out but nothing I know that is able to identify the animal.
Keep in mind those chips are powered by the RF energy and only close range, so even with a working receiver you might still struggle to read the date when the cat goes in or out.


Reply 3 years ago

Thanks that confirms the idea, if you have the numbers you can givethem to the local shelter and they can say if it is local or well out of its territory


Reply 3 years ago

This is true and should be possible to read out after checking the protocols used but it won't really help with the problem.

You have to get the cat to the shelter to start with and they are required to check/confirm the chipped identity, so reading it out to start with is pretty much useless.
And with no access to the databases you won't be able to find the owner - and the owner won't really know the ID number of the pet so no chance to look for y lost pet that way either.