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Cats Ears with frostbite Starting to tear off. What should i do? Answered

We Took in a cat that was Hanging around our house and eating our dogs food. its Very cold out and i have no idea where this cat came from. He is a very Gentle Tom. He must have a had a home before. the tips of his ears. the top 3/8'' are tearing off.
What should i do?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Thanks for taking the cat into your home!

Probably the damage is done.

What you can do now is take the cat to a vet so he can keep infection from setting in. And maybe relieve any pain.


2 years ago

One of my cats just recently had this happen. The vet said the ear tips would have just fallen off naturally without any risk of infection. I live in an area of the country known for severe cold in the winter so the vet has a lot of experience in this. Since my cat had an unrelated health issue that required sedation to be done, she offered to remove the dead tissue at the same time. I think we should be safe rather than sorry anyway and let a professional make that decision especially if it affects other body parts like the tail.


8 years ago

The frostbit tissue is dead and as such will fall off. There will be a line where the good tissue is. It probably doesn't really hurt him although it might look like it does. All the ones I have ever seen do just fine. They may have a little bleed when the scab falls off but that is about all. And now he is frost proof since the vulnerable parts are gone. I have had it happen to chickens also, their combs and wattles are prone to freezing. You just can't put a hat on a cat or a chicken.