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Ceiling Murphy bed - recommendations for weight-bearing latches. Answered

What's the generic name for the car door/garden gate latch that's push-to-lock, fiddle to unlatch?

I'm working on a Murphy bed that slides vertically to the ceiling when not in use. I estimate the weight of the bed and mattress to be around 120lbs. 4 parallel 8mm steel bars (for guidance) set at about 30 degrees from vertical and linear bearings provide the movement. The weight at the bottom is take up by some sturdy end stops and at the top by bolts.

To put the bed away, I want to lift it to a little over shoulder height (this is in a van), have all 4 corners latch and go to each one lifting and bolting. To lower, undo all of the bolts, unlatch the far two latches, retreat from underneath, unlatch the front two and lower gently by hand (although I may add some spring assistance).

Worst case scenario, 4 garden gate latches would do the trick but I'm looking for something a little more robust, a touch cooler but not much more expensive.

Any ideas?



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1 year ago

Thanks, Downunder. Will do. Like suddenly realising that a cheap, plastic toolbox makes a great portable battery case, it seems to be a case of stumbling across the right area.
Actually, it sounds like the ladder to the loft when I was a kid (with the up-then-down action) but I was too young to remember how it worked and wasn't sure I was even remembering correctly.


1 year ago

Check a high lift jack for the machanics.
Im lame terms it is just a metal wedge that locks by its own weight and that needs pushing up to unlock.
Similar to the safety locks for elevators.
You can even make these self (un)locking.
Push up slightly to unlock, let go down and enjoy.
Push up and over the locking point and all stays up and locked.
If you want something a bit more complex check how the head rest on on adjustable bed frame works ;)