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Chaining 4 74HC595 shift registers together Answered

I have a question about chaining 4 shift registers together.

I am going to be sending data to four shift registers and my question is this, when all four are loaded and latched if I send more data is it possible to only send data to the first register in the chain without the others losing their values?



7 months ago

I really did not know about that and got to know from here about this and making the clock shift can be done but the values will remain the same or not it totally depends on the registration. For more details https://babasupport.org/dell/dell-bios-update/


8 months ago

Yes. If you stop the storage register clock to the latter 3 registers they will not be updated and hence hold their values (but the shift registers will be updated). Alternatively you could break the shift clock to the latter three registers to achieve the same outcome - but in this case the shift registers will also hold their values. I hope this helps and I have correctly understood your question. Mike