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Challenge: K'nex Puzzle Box Answered

Hey guys, so I've been looking around at some of these cool wooden puzzle boxes on instructables and being a member of the k'nex community I immediately thought that it would be really cool if a knex puzzle box could be made. So I present this challenge, try to make a puzzle box out of knex that requires some kind of trick to open (see this link to get an idea of what I'm talking about). Try to make the box as small as possible but size doesn't really matter. Good luck and I will be trying to make one too so I will post my progress as updates to this thread. Thanks.



8 years ago

extremely difficult but something like this would be fun...


the different shaped wooden stuff interlocks.


8 years ago

It would be very difficult to do, besides someone could just disassemble it to open it.


Reply 8 years ago

The point of it isn't to store something valuable inside, it's to just create a fun puzzle.