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Challenge: Reynolds vacuum sealer retrofit Answered

Reynolds just put out a new vacuum sealer device for about $10.
Vacuum Sealer home page

It's a pretty neat device, but they've designed it with a flared nose and special bags rather than the small tube most vacuum sealers have. I'd like to be able to use this with regular zip-lock bags without destroying it's ability to work with the custom Reynold's bags. Anyone got an easy retrofit mod for the tip or other suggestion.

A bonus ability would be to be able to use it with bags products come in, assuming they only have a small hole. For example, if I opened a bag of nuts or chips, and used a wire sealer to close the bag, I'd like to be able to put a hole in the re-sealed bag and then draw out all the air. The way some sealers do this is by having a circular flap over the hole which allows air out, but closes the hole to prevent air from getting back in. The stretchy gummy material used by magazines to hold samples and inserts would probably work well for this.

I think this is an interesting product with lots of possibilities beyond the kitchen. Unlike most vacuum devices which are not portable or designed for cleaning, this one is compact and moddable. I'd like to hear other creative ideas how it could be used.


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12 years ago

Having a cheap simple vacuum device with zip closure bags opens the possibility of being able to vacuum mold parts for model building and craft projects. I am searching for 2 and 4 gallon bags to use with .the Reynolds pump. My projects need 20 and 40 lenghts to go around molds. I also see that ZipLock has released a manual pump to compete with Reynolds. Maybe I can cut the Reynolds bags and tape the vacuum connector onto a larger ziplock bag.